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February 27, 2012 Horticulture Column


This past week Deb and I took a vacation to Las Vegas.  Some might say “how much did that cost” but I can respond by saying we got by cheaper than I thought we would, significantly cheaper.  We actually got the privilege to attend our nephew’s wedding and had a really great time.  We had a little issue getting to the wedding but the day ended with a wonderful memory of two young people meeting, falling in love and being blessed with a united couple by the end of the afternoon.  Later that afternoon or evening Paul and Kim invited everyone for a drive around Vegas in the biggest Limo I had ever seen.  This limo was 45 feet long and would accommodate 25 people.  It was fun to watch people as we drove by as many people had never seen something like this before.  It drew many pictures and many with my face in them.  The driver said there are only 8 limos of this type in the world and 6 of them are in Vegas.  I was especially blest, due to being very claustrophobic, to get to ride in the front seat so I got a firsthand tour of Vegas at its finest.  Deb and I would be the first to admit our vacation was not what we expected.  We had never been to Vegas before and was quite surprised by the large amount of site seeing to including shopping available.  I was surprised as I thought Vegas was all about Casino’s and found out that it is about Casino’s with much more.  I know some of you are waiting for me to write about Horticulture and it is coming as I did find some very attractive gardens in our walking.  Speaking of walking, it is real funny, we walked a lot and being the building are very tall and big they always looked much closer than they really were.  On one excursion I kept telling Deb that our hotel was only a block away to keep her encouraged only to find it was more like a mile away.  Deb was a real trooper and never gave up even though she always commented how good it was to call the day an evening.  I was quite surprised however of how many flowers I saw that were in the same family as plants we grow around here.  I found kochia growing in an abandoned parking lot and I am telling you it must be tough bugger as these plants were not accustomed to getting much water but looked like they had been groomed.  I saw lots of different Pansies and some tulips.  I even saw some green grass but knowing that all of the greenery has been watered.


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