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October 17, 2011 Horticulture Column


I feel a touch of November in the air this morning.  I heard the weatherman talk about a good hard freeze possible tonight and likely tomorrow night.  That should finish stuff off.  I visited a home last week to check fruit trees that appear to be dying.  After much discussion the discussion moved to plants surrounding the home.  The homeowner still has Elephant Ears looking very healthy except from the effects of the harsh wind we had a week ago.  I have shut off my pond for the year meaning I am going to have to find the fish that are there.  We built the pond with many hiding places on the bottom.  This was done for two reasons: one for fish to hide from predators (birds) and stay cool during the midday sun and secondly to add depth deception in the pond when observing the pond.  One job I did not get done this fall was the transplanting of the hosta’s I wanted to get done.  I have three hosta’s that did not grow to their fullest capabilities.  There could be many reasons for this however I think labeling got a little mixed up in this particular example.  I planted hosta’s to complement the pond (give it an everglade look) and for the most part they have done very good of covering mistakes.  I must tell one story however about hosta’s and slugs.  We did a pretty good job of controlling slugs in the hosta’s this summer except they moved to my garden and created havoc on my carrot patch.  We are digging carrots now and will find a very high percentage of carrots knawd on by slugs.  They better look out next year.


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