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November 28, 2011 Horticulture Column


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday?  Ours was great!!!!  Getting to see relatives and friends is always great and then watching the little ones sharing their time together and making those new friendships was special.  This is also the time that the Mother and nephew’s Ben and Luke make lefse.  They even got some help from a new wife (Anna) youngest son Thomas, grandson Brody and sister Linda.  A pile of lefse was made and so was a bunch of fun. 

It feels like we should be getting ready to get into our gardens the past week.  In fact there was a morning, last week, that felt like a spring day and even had that spring smell.  I did many things wrong this year to see how different perennials might respond to the long, cold winter season anxiously awaiting for us.  We all know that it is coming just a matter of time.  Back to the mistreatment of our perennials.  The first thing was I did not cut back our two grape vines.  Each year grapes should be trimmed back to the more older looking wood.  This allows the plant to sustain the cold better plus cutting the vine will help you establish a bountiful grape crop the following year.  This is also a great time to trim those unwanted vines.  We’ll have to see what Deb and mine grape vine behaves like next summer.  We also did not trim any rose plants this fall.  Roses should be trimmed to about a foot above ground and above a good looking bud.  This process allows the rose to establish a strong cane for the following year and also allows a great place for the rose to start its growth the next growing season.  I also did not cut any perennials back yet.  We chose to try some different perennials along our drive way (mums and sedum).  They hold their color so long into the fall season, what beautiful color in a time of year which usually does hold much color.  Finally, we bought our first ever artificial tree over the weekend. I have always been a real tree person, due to the color and the realness of Christmas, however Deb picked out a tree and decorated the tree last night.  It looks really beautiful, “NICE JOB DEAR”.  As our family grows more room is needed and Deb picked out a tree that is not full like what I used to get.  I WAS always great at buying a tree that usually took half of the living room.  It was great to shut the night down with the tree lit along with other Christmas decorations lit.   


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