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November 14, 2011 Horticulture Column


If you have not gotten your lawn and garden chores done this fall it is your own fault.  I see there are even some Christmas lights going up, how can you not want to do that project when it is so nice and thanksgiving so close.  I can remember my mother saying no Christmas lights until thanksgiving.  I broke the tradition as I also started hanging lights.  A reminder, when doing your Christmas festivities and decorating please be remindful of fire precautions.  All the extra extension cords with many of us usually overloading the poor little cords with more than one set of lights.  My family is going to say that I turned into a ba hum bug this year but I have finally broken down to give Deb permission to buy a artificial tree.  I am not a artificial tree guy but the looks have really improved and there is a far lesser risk of tree fires with them.  Of course with grandkids always checking out the pretty decorations there should be a less likely hood of other bad things happening.  I CAN’T believe that I have completely bypassed the thanksgiving holiday to this point but actually I have not.  As we get ready for our family and friends to enjoy the holiday feast also the same precautions also hold true for the home.  How many times have you plugged two, three and even four cookers into one outlet and wonder why the breaker would trip.  Fires can also start from that sort of misuse. 

One last thing, this would be a great time of year to get your house plants ready for the winter season.  A little dose of miracle grow, coffee or cola will go a long way towards a healthy plant.  I know that many of you are now saying coffee or cola?  I regularly empty my coffee cup into the plants in my office and you would be surprised how good they look.  They grow like they have been given steroids.  It is also a great time to check for any insects.  If it is possible, the best insect control is to carry them to the sink and wash them off with a shower of water.  This does two things; it washes the leaves clean of dust and it also washes off any insects that might be present. 


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