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May 23, 2011 Horticulture Column


Things are really starting to green up around our communities.  It is so fun to see the green and the smell of fresh cut grass, even though my yard looks terrible but will soon look like every other yard in our county (green).  This is Emerald Ash Borer week.  We are asking people to be very proactive in their approach to the prevention of EAB moving into our area.  The number one way is too buy your firewood local.  The ash borer does thrive on live trees however, the transfer of fire wood could still harbor the larvae and once here could then spread to our live forest.  If you see or hear of someone bringing in firewood out of Minnesota let someone know of the possible danger to our ash tree population.  The might Ash tree has been one of our mainstays forever, like the old cottonwood or boxelder.  It would be terrible to lose our ash tree population.  If you have a majestic ash tree in yard and would not mind placing a very attractive poster on your tree please give me a call at 701-662-7030.  I would like to place a poster on your tree with tape and would like to have it displayed for as long as you like but would like the time to be this week at the earliest.  PROACTIVE IS THE KEY WORD IN THE VERY DEVESTATING PEST (EMERALD ASH BORER).

Wood ticks are showing up everywhere and of course with that comes ticks on our own self.  Deet is the best product we have for the prevention of ticks.    Keeping grass and other vegetation short around the home is a good tick-prevention strategy, Glogoza says. In landscape shrubbery and other areas of the yard where close-cutting isn't possible, using an insecticide can limit tick populations. In households with pets, infestations are likely to occur in those areas where pets spend a great deal of time, such as shady sites.  For those of you that are either allergic or do not like to have that product applied there is only one other recourse and that is spray the area with several products listed below.

Carbaryl (Sevin): A commonly used garden inseciticde. Available as a spray or granule for ticks on turf and recreational areas.

Cyfluthrin (Tempo, other brands): Labeled for tick control on turf and ornamentals.

Deltamethrin (Suspend, DeltaGard G): Available as a spray or granule. Labeled for tick control in residential areas where ticks may be found.

S-fenvalerate (Zema Lawn Spray): Labeled for tick control on turf and ornamentals.

Permethrin (PermaKill 4Week Tick Killer): Labeled for use against ticks on the lawn.


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