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July 11, 2011 Horticulture Column


Well it sounds like the time has come to start getting really warm.  The weatherman says low90’s are in store for us for the weekend and beyond.  They have been wrong before but I think we will get there this time.  Remember to keep your flower pots and other landscape plants watered during the warm weather.  Pots in particular do not last long especially if there is a wind involved. 

his past spring we moved our camping to East Bay campground.  It seemed as families grow more space is needed and there was an available option east so we jumped at it.  We really enjoy camping and as our grand kids have found they have really enjoyed the area as well.  Two weekends ago the grand kids played so hard that all of them were sleeping before mom’s and dad’s had a chance to travel anywhere down the road.  Lauren had fallen asleep before mom had gotten Aiden strapped in his car seat.  There is a pile of young kids the same age making the weekend go really fast for them and particularly for the parents as the kids really entertain themselves.  Water fights were and are the big hit. 

I beat around the bush there but had to mention the fun had by all.  Bill had gotten a question from one campsite about Ash leaves curling up and mentioned that I was there so had that family stop by to ask what was up.  Of course with the big Emerald Ash Borer scare they immediately thought EAB was the culprit.  In this case the culprit is aphids.  Remember insects can be bad but not all are bad as there are some that are beneficial.  In this case a labeled application of either a spray insecticide of Tempo or Malathion would to the trick.  I recommended using a Tree and Shrub systemic Insecticide.  Place the product around the drip line and water in.  Then sit back and enjoy the day and let the tree do the work for you.


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