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December 5, 2011 Horticulture Column


It sure feels a lot like winter this morning (Monday).  I don’t recall the temperature at Langdon this morning but it was high single digits below zero.  That should start making a lot of ice and even at that I have heard of some out ice fishing.  I cannot wait to get ice fishing but do need to make a warning to those ice fishing.  Don’t always the assume the ice is safe as the lake changes so does currents, springs and other areas creating danger zones in many locations.  Please be careful when driving on.  I know some might say that the same holds true of me and I must admit that many years ago I was not as bothered but as I get older I do worry about ice conditions.  On Sunday we were visiting at a grandson’s birthday party and mentioned that back sometime in the early 90’s when perch fishing was really booming, I can remember a Saturday morning fishing on the point of eagle bend.  There was probably 40-50 people fishing and this brand new Chevy pickup drives out to fish.  Keep in mind on one else had vehicles on the ice.  This pickup drove into the middle of the bunch and started drilling holes.  A few minutes later we could feel the ice shaking and saw the new pickup heading away only not towards shore but rather down to the bottom of the lake.  What a scare and thankfully no one got hurt.

I did not mean to babble on about ice but do need to warn people about safety precautions.  Speaking of safety precautions remember the same holds true for those of you with Christmas trees up.  Please be remindful of the hazards of placing lights around your home.  Those of you with the “real” trees make sure you water frequently and something that I always did was I sprayed the tree with a mist of water every 4-5 days.  This also helped keep the needles more moist and last longer.  The other reminder for today is to do not overload your electrical circuits with too many extension cords and please be reminded of using the appropriate cord for the load of light you have.  Too light of a cord can also create a fire hazard.


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