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August 29, 2011 Horticulture Column


Sorry I missed last week.  I had class issues to resolve before the start of school.  I know you are saying school?  I am actually on the downhill slide of finishing my Masters degree.  If things go well I will be done at Christmas or the end of this semester.  I cannot wait as it seems it has been many years of missing lots of family evening activities and this past summer of missing out on a lot of summer fishing.  I still did some fishing but not like I normally do. 

The gardening season is fast coming to an end as the dryer weather has led to our garden  plants to start shutting down.  My onions are all dried up and ready to be pulled for the next months enjoyment, the potatoes are all dried up and actually did very well this year, so did my onions, and my sweet corn has been really good this year.  My garden in general did very well, but the one comment about my cucumbers I would like to mention was trying to grow cucumbers on a chain link fence.  I had a few learning curves in this new adventure but in the end I will definitely try this again.  My learning curves include: growing the right varieties, mixing a little more soil with my growing mix and watering way more often.  Growing the right varieties could have been worse.  I tried many different types of cucumbers and the very best was a variety I found out of Gurneys.  This variety had little tumbrils that hang on to the fence as it grows.  This allowed the plant to scale the fence and cucumbers to grow off of the ground.  Great way to pick cucumbers for an old fat guy.  The next thing would be to mix a little more soil to the mix.  This would allow the growing mix to hold moisture longer and also would help to reduce the watering as often.  I did use a soaker hose down the line and that did work well but during the extreme heat the soil mixture dried out very quickly.  This venture is very interesting and I will try again. 


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