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April 18, 2011 Hort Column


It is that time of year again to start thinking about horticulture and what we plan on doing for excitement in our yards.  The first question I will ask is “What do you plan on doing this spring and carry forward into the fall season.  Last week we talked about horticulture and the meaning of a landscaped yard and found out that it does not just relate to a urban setting.  Look at the farms throughout thet country side.  Farmers and Ranchers are taking great pride in beautifying their yards and looks great to see everyone taking pride in their yards.  Questions are already coming in with snow mold, what grass seed should I plant and what should I do with my lawn this spring.  I am going to try to get a message to you once a week in the paper and three times a week on the radio.  The middle show will be a live call in radio show on Wednesday’s.  If you have not noticed you will see a large amount of snow mold this spring.  This is usually caused by long mowed grass late in the fall.  If you mowed your grass fairly short in the fall, you will likely by pass snow mold.  The other thing a short fall mowing does is eliminate or significantly reduce the other creatures that have showed their face this spring (voles, moles and mice).  Tall grass is a haven for those creatures due to the insulating factor plus the large amount of snow on top of them also adding insulation to the ground area.  If you noticed this spring you would noticed a the ground was not frozen like other years thus creating a warmer soil surface.  Grass should grow through the snow mold however once the ground has dried the matted grass should be ruffed up to allow the soil moisture to dry or you risk losing the grass in that area.  Well me made a start and have many topics to discuss this spring and summer.  Please be watching for a weekend in June as I am going to offer a gardening Saturday but a hands on approach.  There are so many gardening Saturdays in the spring I thought I would try this.  I also thought I might try offering a coffee time on Saturdays for an hour of question and answer.


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