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Hoping for a Great School Year!

Hoping for a Great School Year!

                In case you’ve missed the extra bus traffic, the displays of notebooks and pencils or the back-to-school sale flyers, school has started again.  At the end of last school year or at the end of this summer, you may be one of the many pledging/promising/hoping that next year would be better.  Following are some ways to ensure that this year is the year of greatness for everyone

      Eat a good breakfast every single morning.   No skipping, no counting one piece of plain toast as breakfast.  Consume a source of carbohydrates, protein and preferably some type of fruit juice or milk every day.

     Wake up early enough to stretch, dress, eat, stretch again, brush teeth, stretch again, etc. and head out the door on time.  The stretch emphasis to signal our bodies that rest time is over and we are ready to move to a fully awake - not sleepy mode – for the day.

      Turn in early to be sure your child gets a good night's sleep. 

      Set out as many items as possible the night before, including clothes or uniforms, socks, shoes, backpacks, homework assignments, library books and on and on. 

       Create a study routine for your child.   A good rule of thumb is to complete homework right when they get home.  Kids like knowing when things will happen, rather than being caught off guard.  If you establish a routine, such as homework begins at 5:00 p.m., arguments will be greatly reduced.  After supper, go over homework together, check backpacks for notes, missed assignments, book orders, etc.  Have the number of a few classmates in case of a question on a homework assignment.

        Read to your child every day.  As soon as possible, have your child read to you often and regularly – vary the reading from school books to library books to the daily newspaper.  Reading to your child every day does more than just feed the mind.   It gives you and your child something special - it gives you together time.


        Make your child a better thinker by asking 'Why'.  Remember when your toddler drove you crazy by asking 'Why?    Now you can make her a better thinker by asking the same question. 'Why is there a stop sign on that corner?' 'Why is it wrong to cheat?' 'Why aren't you allowed to stay out past midnight?'


        Ask your child to teach you something he/she learned in school today.  Studies have shown that people remember 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they see, 50 percent of what they see and hear, 70 percent of what they say as they talk aloud and 90 percent of what they say as they perform a task.  When your child teaches you a concept it reinforces the concept in their own mind.

           Model effective problem solving throughout the year.  There are no perfect schools; but there are great schools willing to help resolve any problem that arises during the school year.  Speak up respectfully before problems escalate.

                Hope this is your child's best year ever!


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