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What is Parents Forever™?

What is Parents Forever™ ?


Either personally or through a family member or friend, almost everyone has seen the effects of divorce.  Ending what hopefully began as a partnership full of hope is difficult beyond words.  And it is especially difficult for any children involved.

What does research say about children and divorce? Research shows that less than 50% of children can expect to live with their biological parents throughout their childhood. Children who experience family disruption often:

  • Live with parental conflict before, during, and after the divorce.
  • Experience the absence of the non-custodial parent.
  • Are more likely to be poor.
  • Are more likely to have other issues like:
    • Emotional problems.
    • Conceive a child in their teens.
    • Get in trouble with the law.
    • Have lower academic achievement.

    Wow!  All situations and circumstances any parent would like to avoid for their child.  How can the effects of divorce on children be reduced?  The same research has shown that children of divorcing parents fare better if the parents:

  • Avoid putting children in situations where their loyalty to the other parent is threatened.
  • Learn new and more effective approaches to parenting.
  • Adjust to the role of single parenting, maintain close ties, and remain available to the children.
  • Create a business-like plan to parent that is focused on the needs of the children.
  • Learn to communicate with the other parents about issues related to the children.
  • Learn how to make the necessary joint decisions with a minimum amount of conflict.
  • And where to learn those new approaches to parenting?  Or learn how to communicate with an ex?  Those and other positive approaches are available through “Parents Forever™ “,  an educational program developed by the University of Minnesota Extension, based on research about the effects of divorce on children.

    The University of Minnesota Extension has partnered with North Dakota State University Extension Service to offer “Parents Forever” online.   The course meets the recommendations being asked of parents by North Dakota courts. Cost for the course is $69 for which you will receive access to online versions of three of the Parents Forever™ parent handbooks and more as part of your registration fee.

    The course will take a minimum of 4.5 hours to complete and includes video and interactive technology, is accessible 24-hours a day, and can be completed in chunks rather than in one sitting for use by parents with busy schedules. It requires participants to pass quizzes at the end of each segment and provides a printable certificate upon successful completion of the course. Once you register for the course, you will have access for 60 days. Register for the online course at:



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