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Be the Grillmaster

Be the Grillmaster


          Our finally warm weather has translated into a literal rush of people grilling outdoors.  Drive through any neighborhood between the hours of 5 and 10 pm and you are certain to catch the aroma of at least one delicious meal being grilled. Want to be the grillmaster of this summer?

          Start with a clean grill. Getting your grill prepared at the start of the season sets the stage for a great summer.   Outdoor grills are safe and reliable when they are used according to the manufacturers' instructions; however, they may pose a danger when care is not taken during their use or they are used for a purpose for which they were not intended. The following safety tips should always be considered when using an outdoor grill.

          - When in use, always keep outdoor grills away from the walls of buildings and from under low hanging tree branches.

          - Never use outdoor grills inside a garage or other outdoor building.

          - Grills should be positioned in an area that is level, such as a patio or designated lawn space, but should never be used in similar areas that may be covered with a roof.

          - If a grill is to be used on a wooden deck, a large piece of metal or a fireproof patio/deck protector should be placed under the unit. If the deck is attached to a building, the grill must be positioned as far away from the walls of the building as possible. Rings or kettles designed for wood burning (onto which a cooking grate could be placed) should never be used on a deck.

          - When using a charcoal grill, never add starter fluid to coals that are already hot.  Poof! – enough said.

          - When using gas grills equipped with automatic ignition, the burners should not be lit when the hood is closed. The buildup of gas that can occur within the confines of the closed hood prior to igniting the burners may cause an explosion once the burners are lit.

          - Outdoor grills should not be used during periods of high wind.

          - An outdoor grill should never be left unattended and children and pets should always be kept away from the grilling area.

          - Never use chemically treated wood, such as scraps of pressure treated lumber left over from an exterior building project, as fuel for a fire meant for grilling.

          - Keep a fire extinguisher or water source handy

          Most important though, an irreplaceable ingredient for being a true grillmaster is to sign up for BBQ Boot Camp.

          On Wednesday, July 13, the traveling BBQ Boot Camp bus will be in Devils Lake, 5- 8 pm at the Ramsey County Fairgrounds.  Seven stations featuring a variety of meats –beef, pork, lamb – and methods – rubs, marinades, sauces – on gas and charcoal grills plus smokers will be set up for your grillmaster experience.  You’ll have a first hand, up-close experience of learning about barbecuing and current topics in the pork, beef and lamb industry.  And at the conclusion, everything grilled and smoked, along with several sides will be served for your enjoyment.   Cost is $30 per person or $50 a couple – includes grill experience, meal, binder with all info and recipes and a meat thermometer. 

          Limited space so register now online at: www.ndsu.edu.bbqbootcamp.  We’re looking forward to a great evening and a full class of new grill masters.


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