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Support When Unemployed

Support When Unemployed

            People experiencing unemployment report they feel better if they have the support of family and friends.  Your informal support networks are the personal ties you have with others and can help in many ways. For example, they can be:

-         Someone to listen to your concerns.

-         Someone to brainstorm ideas and help you think about alternative plans.

-         Someone to comfort you when you're down.

-         Someone to help with material needs.

            To help you identify your support system, answer the following questions:

*       Who listens to you when you need someone to talk to?

*       With whom do you share good and bad news?

*       Who appreciates you for what you do?

*       Who stands up for you, even when they might not totally agree with what you're doing?

*       When you need advice, to whom do you go?

*       When you have a problem, to whom do you turn?

*       Who helps you make decisions when you need to think through options and consequences?

            The people you named for each of these questions are an important part of your life. You depend on them. They form your informal support network. In turn, you also give them support.

As you look over the people you named, ask yourself these questions:

*       Are there one or two people (spouse or friend) whose names shows up often? Are you leaning too heavily on these members of your support network?

*       Are there needs you have that are not being met? Which of these needs are most important to you now?

*       Who else could fill the needs you have?

*       Who could help you meet your needs if you were to take the risk of asking?

*       What specific steps could you take to expand your support network?  


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