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Finding Money to Save

Finding Money to Save

                No matter what resources we have, almost everyone would like to find some extra money in their budget.  We might spend those extra dollars for something we want right now, or pay off bills or save it for something we want in the future.

            But, how do we find more money to save and spend?  There might be ways to save money you haven’t thought of before.  Listed below are ideas that have worked for other individuals.


-          Shop once a week to save on gas and time

-          Avoid expensive convenience stores and vending machines for snacks.

-          Buy meat in bulk and repackage it in quantities that you will need for a meal.

-          Choose store brands. They usually cost less than national brands.

Managing Money

-          Avoid carrying too much cash with you to head off impulse buying.

-          Pay bills early if it will earn you a discount

-          Review your plans for cell phones, satellite or cable TV, etc?  Do you need them>  Is a better plan available for you? 

-          Setup a Pay Yourself First savings plan – such as automatic withdrawals from each paycheck going into a savings account.

-          To avoid late payment fees and possible interest rate increases on your credit cards, make sure you send in your payment a week to 10 days before the statement due date.


-          Rent or borrow household equipment you don’t’ use very often such as pressure washers

-          Follow instructions on amounts of cleaning products to use so nothing goes to waste.

-          Take shorter showers or install a low-flow showerhead

-          Consider using a power strip that can be turned off when you are finished using your computers, printers, wireless routers and other electronics.

-          Unplug battery chargers and power adapters when charging is complete.



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