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After the Event

After the Event


You’ve successfully navigated through the initial problems caused by your reduced income. Now, you are probably beginning to ask yourself, where do I go from here?

Whether your financial problems were caused by a layoff, reduced work hours, unexpected expenses, or other reasons, after surviving the crisis you can begin thinking of, hoping for and planning for the future. Do you need to hang on for a while and hope things will return to normal? Are you facing a permanent change? Is there a new normal in your life? Whatever the situation, what do you WANT to happen in the future? A next step is to decide what you as an individual want, what your family wants, and how those goals fit together.

You are most likely to get what you and your family wants in the future if you decide what you want and then make definite plans with action steps outlined. Begin by considering what alternatives are available or could become available. At this point, think of everything you can. For now don’t worry about whether, realistically, each item could work. Be creative!

Do you need to move to another location to obtain a job, or a better job in your field?

Could you look for a different kind of job? It could be one in a field you’ve worked in before, or a field in which you are interested. Maybe it could be related to a hobby or other interest.

Make a list of things you could do. Then write down the advantages and disadvantages of each. Discuss them with your family. Ask everyone to add their ideas to the list.

Families have different ways of operating and making decisions. Children should be included in the decision making process. However, young children may not be as actively involved as older children. Encourage input from all who are included.

After discussing alternatives, advantages and disadvantages of each, every person should list the alternatives. List them in order from the most to the least desirable. Then the family can meet and jointly decide which alternative to pursue first. Onto the future!

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