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Start Saving

Start Saving


                Saving money is hard without a plan. Below, are some time-tested tips for saving your hard earned dollars.

                Choosing a college bank account -
                New college students should be careful about picking their bank. Many schools "have an exclusive relationship with one financial institution" that offers easy-to-use benefits, such as college IDs that double as debit cards. "But easy doesn't mean cheap.  Students and parents should guard against excess overdraft charges by shopping around at other banks and opting out of overdraft provisions,              

                Finding the perfect credit card -Great credit cards aren't just for people with perfect credit. While consumers with top-notch credit histories typically have their pick of the cards with the most options and best benefits it doesn't mean you can't get one if you don't fall into that category.  Lenders have the ability to adjust for risk by offering a range of interest rates which mean it may cost you more in interest if you do not pay off your credit card balance it full each month,  you still have a chance of qualifying for a card with many perks.

                Resisting impulse buys -It's easier than ever to spend money quickly due to mobile payment systems and sites that store your credit card info. If you want to eliminate impulse buying, you need to identify what motivates you spending splurges.  Be alert to your habits, such as whether you tend to make impulse purchases when you're happy or sad.  Try a delay tactic.  If you see something you like, make yourself wait for a day or a week and evaluate how you feel about it then.

                Coupons on your phone – Couponing is now more than grabbing a scissors and the Sunday paper. Couponing can be as simple as a search on your smartphone.  There are dozens of apps available to help bargain hunters.  A good place to begin is website of your favorite store. Other apps such as,  ShopSavvy,  allow you  to scan an in-store item's bar code and then compare the price of that item at other retailers.

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