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Frugal You

Frugal You


                Love saving money? If you are constantly looking for even more ways to keep money in your hands, check out some of the money saving methods below.


                Create a “wait and see” list -   If you spot something you think you want to buy, write it down (in a physical notebook you carry with you, or as a note in your smartphone) or take a picture of it and store the picture. Then give yourself a “wait and see” period. Three days is good. Chances are pretty good that your passion for it will have cooled, and you’ll realize you can put the money to better use elsewhere.


                Set calendar alerts on your home computer or smartphone. Set-up calendar alerts for everything you need to do to keep your finances running smoothly, from paying your bills and your rent to checking your credit report once every four months. When it comes to bills, set a calendar alert for three days before the bills are the due, so you never make a late payment. And in January, set a calendar alert that reminds you to start preparing your taxes, so you’re not overly stressed when April comes around.


                Shop with a “minus one” attitude.  Whether in the grocery store or a large box store, look at what you’re about to purchase, and remove one item. If you’re already a disciplined shopper and only buy things on your list, you probably don’t need this. But for the 99.9% of us who tend to leave stores with more than we came for, it’s an easy way to break the cycle of mindless impulse buying.


                Don’t give up. Saving, living frugally, and improving your relationship with money are all great goals — but they’re also big goals. Financial success isn’t achieved by just playing the short game — it’s a long-term plan.


                Comparison shop, especially when it comes to big ticket items.  Always, always compare prices on costlier items such as car or appliance purchases and particularly with labor/service type contracts. If you do your homework, you may be able to save quite a bit.  A common savings tactic that a lot of savvy savers do is to check on items at a store and compare their prices to their online prices.  You can also search for online coupons before ordering anything through a website.  Lastly, look for reward sites that allow you to earn something back when you spend.


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