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Financial Fitness Check-Up

Financial Fitness Check-Up

                Hopefully a yearly medical check-up is part of your self-care plan. What about a fitness checkup for your finances?   Answer the following statements, True or False, tally up how “true” answers you have and then compare your totals to the statements at the end.

1.       I track my expenses

2.       I compare payment options and interest rates when considering a loan for a large purchase.

3.       I pay my credit card bill in full each month.

4.       I consistently add to my savings account.

5.       I have a retirement account.

6.       I have an emergency fund that covers at least three months of living expenses.

7.       I know key questions to ask when shopping for insurance.

8.       I take advantage of any benefits such as health club membership that my employer offers.

9.       I know how to keep my credit rating high.

10.   My purchases are based on what I can afford.



10-8 True:  Congratulations, you are in an excellent state of financial fitness! You will be able to run the financial marathon of life and finish with other top runners!

7-5 True:  Some area of your financial fitness are in top shape but other areas have been neglected.  Start a regime of training for those areas soon in order to have a long-life of financial well-being.

Below 5 True:  Desperate circumstances require desperate measures.  Schedule time each week to exercise your planning skills to address those areas that need attention. 


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