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A Wealth of Money Attitudes

A Wealth of Money Attitudes


"You have to work hard to get money.", “You don't get something for nothing.", "Money is hard to save.”, “There is never enough money.", "Money is root of all evil."
          You have probably heard this and many other saying about money.  Everyone had an opinion about money and your thoughts about money influence your ability to manage your money. Positive thoughts aid us in finding positive money management behaviors.

Exploring your current attitudes about money is an important step in improving your financial education and situation. To determine your current frame of mind when it comes to money, try the “Attitudes about Money Quiz” below to determine how often the statements fit you — frequently, sometimes, or never. Don’t spend a lot of time mulling over the answer — just a few seconds on each question.

          Attitudes about Money Quiz

-         I hate to open the mail, because all I ever receive is bills.

-         I’ll never have enough money.

-         When I feel down or bored, I go shopping.

-         My spouse/partner spends money faster than I can bring it in.

-         I don’t want my kids to go without things they want.

-         If I have cash in my wallet or purse, I spend it.

-         How can I save for retirement, when I can barely make ends meet now?

-         I can’t or won’t be able to help my kids pay for college.

-         In the event of a financial emergency, I don’t know where I would find the money.

-         My employer has a retirement plan but I don’t participate in it.

-         If I want something, I buy it, even if I have to use credit.

-         I’m not out of money until I’m out of credit.

-         I will postpone making a purchase if I don’t have the cash.


After completing this quiz, you should have a pretty good picture of your attitude and feelings when it comes to money. But to take it a step further, spend a few minutes writing about your current attitudes and feelings about money. This exercise can help you become more thoughtful and aware of how your thoughts and attitudes toward money may have evolved and how those thoughts and attitudes are affecting your financial life today.


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