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10 Tips for a Better Holiday

10 Tips for a Better Holiday


A few tips to make this year the best Christmas ever, financially speaking that is!


10 Tips for a Better Holiday


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Ten Tips for a Financially Sound Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Following are a few tips for making this year the best Christmas ever, financially speaking that is!

  • Establish an overall spending limit for the entire holiday including gifts, parties, cards, food and so on.
  • 2. Plan ahead for what you are going to buy and stick to your lists.

    3. Shop around before you spend. This might be over the phone, on the internet, or in person, depending on available time.

    4. Keep track of spending and charging for all expenses.

    5. Stick to one credit card, if any, and plan for how you will pay off the balance.

    6. Beware of “buy now, pay later” offers; only charge what you would spend if you were to   pay cash for the items today.

    7. Suggest your family participate in a pick-a-name gift exchange to reduce the number of gifts needing to be purchased.

    8. Don’t use your credit card to pay for group meals, even if you are being reimbursed.

    9. Consider making or baking a gift for those service providers you want to share the holidays with.

    10.  Give time instead on monetary gifts. For example, give the gift of child care, a home cooked meal, lessons, or help with a project. Friends and family will remember this special gift long after other gifts are forgotten.

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