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Bank Fees & More

Bank Fees and More


          You have deposited the long awaited check in your checking account and now are ready to spend it – such as immediately. 

          How quickly that will be able to happen is regulated by a federal law, the Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFA), which contains rules that allow banks to delay or "hold" funds deposited by check. The table below shows generally when your bank must make funds you deposit available for withdrawal under the EFA. You may want to review the account agreement you received when you opened your account for details about your bank's funds availability policies and procedures. A bank must give you a copy of its deposit availability disclosure upon request.


When Will Your Funds Be Available     Type of Deposit When Available **

Direct deposits                                       Day of deposit

Wire transfers                                           Next business day (Mon-Fri)

First $100 of any non-"next-day"

check deposited                                        Next business day (Mon-Fri)

Cash*                                                        Next business day (Mon-Fri)

U.S. Treasury checks (deposited in

person or at ATMs owned by your

financial institution)                                 Next business day (Mon-Fri)

U.S. Postal Service money orders*          Next business day (Mon-Fri)

State or local government checks*          Next business day (Mon-Fri)

Cashier's, certified, or teller's checks*     Next business day (Mon-Fri)

Checks and money orders drawn on

another account at the same financial

institution                                                 Next business day (Mon-Fri)

Federal Reserve Bank and Federal

Home Loan Bank checks*                       Next business day (Mon-Fri)

Any other checks and non-U.S. Postal

Service money orders                              2nd business day after the day of deposit

Deposits made at an ATM owned by

your financial institution                         2nd business day after the day of deposit)

Deposits made at an ATM not owned

by your financial institution                    5th business day after the day of deposit

* Deposited in person

** Maximum hold allowed; your funds may be available sooner - check with your financial institution


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