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May 10, 2010 Ag Column


This weather is ready to drive most of us crazy.  I had a conversation with a farmer yesterday and he talked about normal.  After the conversation I asked myself what is normal?  Is the weather pattern we are in, the last 10 years, normal or is the weather pattern of the 80’s more normal.  I surely don’t know and obviously others are not sure either.  I do know one thing and that being I am really getting tired of watching all of you go to work in the middle of May to either plant your crop or finish planting.  We do have farmers that have completed their small grains and in some cases even their corn acres.  Our economy is ever so touchy about workings of not only our economy but also the world economy.  The tragedy of Greece really showed its face in the Dow last week.  Of course economy’s of all our neighbors relates back to the agriculture scene through exports.  At his point, I am a little surprised on how well we managed a status quo.  I am not suggesting that our current commodity prices are good enough or would provide a net return but I am suggesting that with the world struggles, I am surprised the markets are holding as good as they are.  I have talked to several agents from the Kansas and Nebraska area and the mention of a large wheat crop comes up in all of their conversations.  What does that do for the total wheat crop only time will tell.  I have been around long enough to see when things are good down south usually means not such a good crop and when the crop has been froze out 2-3-4-5 times usually end up with a bumper crop.  I do know that a bumper crop could mean large protein premiums again.  I mentioned this in an earlier newspaper column that we do need to be vigilant about nitrogen requirements for our spring wheat crop.  What did your soil analyze say after the large wheat crop of 2009?  I am very confident that is was very low.  Yields in the ranges of last year require more additional nitrogen than we have been accustomed to.  Dave Franzen new nutrient recommendations would indicate much more nitrogen than we have ever used.  Dave is also mentioning more and more about the possible need of a post anthesis application of 28-0-0.  Dave talked about applying 3 pounds of N at post anthesis.  This will have to be determined by you the producer but there are alternatives to consider when growing HRSW.  The current market also plays a large role in the this consideration.

P.S. Some of you will see this twice as I am also going to include this in an all farmer,  being mailed this week.  The reason being is not everyone gets either the Edmore Herald and/or the Devils Lake Journal.


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