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February 25, 2015 Agriculture Column


Last week I attended a Celebration of Life  ceremony for an Edmore friend after passing away from a long battle of Cancer.  Then the next morning I heard a comment on the morning news that all of us will have had some sort of Cancer before we enter a new way of life.  Then a little later, on the news, they talk of sending folks to Mars and new unmanned aircraft.  It sure would seem that with the technology we have as a society that something could be learned and “fixed” with this cancer.  I need you to remember that I am not a doctor so do not about all of the research that has been completed with not much progress.  I guess this leads me to what I was going to talk about today and that is all of the research that goes into the development of the next generation of wheat, corn, soybeans, canola and Barley.  The Barley industry seems to be shifting from six row barley to two row barley.  Will that be the answer we do not know, but rest assured that changes will be coming and by the time my grandkids are my age the world will be very different from what we know it.  I mentioned in a conversation, over the weekend, that in a few short years technology will be available to do most field work from the office computer or another type of highly developed piece of technology.  My how times have changed from when I was a kid and think of the change of when our parents were kids.

Courthouse Elevator out of commission!!!

The Ramsey County Courthouse elevator will be closed for an extended period of time for repairs.  Please don’t let this stop you from stopping by our office.  The stairs on both ends of the courthouse allows access for you, to our office.  If you are unable to use the stairs please call our office and we will make every effort to meet you on the first floor.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but the elevator was in great need of repair.    Thanks for being patient.


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               Private Pesticide               March 17,            1 pm      Hampden Senior Center

               Private Pesticide               March 26,            6 pm      Courthouse Meeting room

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