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February 2, 2015 Agriculture Column

Well here we again, another month gone by and the Super Bowl already complete and calving season soon to start for some.  Even though January started off very cold the month sure ended strong with very moderate temperatures.  I saw on T.V., Monday morning, that the ground hog saw his shadow meaning another 6 months of winter.  They also then gave the accuracy of 39%, guess we cannot put a lot of faith into the ground hog shadow.  No matter the case we can be very thankful we have not been getting the snow the east coast has been getting.  My bother-in-law has been staying with us, he and sister Peg live in Rockford Illinois, and talked to his wife Sunday night and they had just received over a foot of snow.  The sun was shining bright here and really liked it that way.  One last thing about the weather.  We went out to my youngest son’s home and watched the Super Bowl and it is really amazing how much snow we have.  The fields are really bare and not much in the trees, we do have to be reminded that our typical snow months are coming with March and April.  Hopefully, that does not transfer into large snow amounts.

The Super Bowl had quite an ending on Sunday as I would guess that most all of the world thought the Seahawks would run the football for the game winning score only to find a much riskier play of a pass.  I think if we look at the farming game we can make some relationships to that play.  How many of have changed our farming plans only to wish we would have done something different, at the conclusion of the year.  We look hard for pricing opportunities, hope the weather is favorable for planting and the growing season, hope mother nature provides us a great growing season, and most importantly we often times change our minds several times before any of the mentioned areas are finalized.  What will be planted this spring, based on crop rotations, markets, the possibility of extreme market changes, availability of certain seed and possibly weed issues.  Time will only tell.

The calving season is soon upon us and with that many of us are still waiting to sell our calves.  Many are very frustrated about the cattle market and the limit moves down over the past 2-3 weeks but we if were to look at the gross dollars of a year ago and look at the gross dollars this year, even with a downtrend market, how can we be disappointed in our marketing strategies.  I had a friend tell me the best strategy is to stick to your marketing plan and try not to out think the market.  Even at lower markets these calves are bringing $300-500 more per head than a year ago, so take your money and run.


February 18, 2015           Private Fumigation, Armory Devils Lake, 9:30 am

February 25, 2015           Commercial Pesticide, Armory Devils Lake 8 am

March 17, 2015               Private Pesticide, Hampden Senior Center 1 pm

March 26, 2015               Private Pesticide, Courthouse meeting room Devils Lake, 6 pm

April 7, 2015                   Private Pesticide, Courthouse meeting room, Devils Lake, 6 pm

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