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May 5, 2014 Agriculture Column


This weather is getting old and am anxiously awaiting some sun and field work to begin.  I was down to Warwick on Sunday and field work had begun there to include some seeding.  We were only a couple days away, in our immediate area, but looks like that will all be put on hold for a while.  Before I continue on today I need to correct something I wrote in last week’s column.  The article referred to how this is the perfect time to catch up on some genetics in your bull or cow herd.  The market allows you top dollar for your animals and makes that purchase of new genetics not so painful.  I had talked about a 2600 pound charolais bull that brought 123.  This would be very, very expensive hamburger, however the writing should have said “a 2600 bull that brought $1.23.  This equates to a much lessor amount but still very good compared to the past years.  In fact all the years I have been around cattle I have never seen slaughter bull prices this good.

This past weekend I drove to Warwick and found some producers in the field with some actually planting.  On my drive to Starkweather, last Friday, I found us to be a couple of days away from being in the field, if the weather would have given us some sun and no rain.  Now it looks to be wet nearly all week.  A producer asked me if this is to be our new norm and I said I certainly hope not.

   Crary NDawn

I have been getting many phone calls about the Crary NDawn and inaccessibility of reaching the station by phone.  I did write about this last week but need to add it again for those that might have missed the column.  The past month found a change at the Crary NDawn station that I do not like, the change from call in to now technology; meaning you will now need to log in to the station using one of you internet providers.  The current weather can now be obtained by logging into the following address:  http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/station-info.html?station=18.  You can also obtain the other information at the main Crary login at http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/10/crary.html.   Sorry about the inconvenience for those of you without smart phones and there are still many of us, so don’t feel alone.

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