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January 27, 2014 Agriculture Column


This winter weather is getting very old.  Cold and snow blowing almost every day is making me wish for warmer climates; however thinking that is not going to happen anytime soon.  It is always fun to dream, isn’t it?  I was watching the fishing tournament ticket drawing over the weekend and also thought that it would have been nice to win something, there as well, but not that lucky.  Congratulations to the fire department for a very well organized tournament, again.  Before I write some ag. info I would like to take a minute to talk about something that I hope I never have to witness again.  How many of you are CPR trained?  I am and still not very comfortable with it; however this past weekend I had an experience that I will never forget and that being someone choking.  This person went absolutely limp and no signs of breathing.  Thanks to my sister, Linda, she went into action and told me to do the Heimlich on this person.  Thanks goodness they sputtered, coughed and came to but during that time this person was motionless, scaring the goodness out of me.  I bring this up as many of us trained in CPR BUT if you have never witnessed someone choking you would not be certain if you were performing the right procedure for the right reason.  I had never done the Heimlich on anyone and really pray that I never have to again, but it sure taught me a valuable lesson.  I did not sleep much that night thinking about the whole ordeal. 

The Sunday paper had many good articles in it but one of interest was the ag page.  There was articles about keeping your cattle warm over the cold weather we have been having.  Not only does it keep their body scores maintained but creates a better environment for their new unborn calf.  It has been researched that cattle that are more comfortable during the cold nights have a better chance of delivering a live calf and also have a much better chance of rebreeding during the breeding season.  There was also another article of what crops to plant this growing season and of course we all have different rotations and reasons for growing certain crops but this year will certainly be much different than the previous few years.  We had good markets for all commodities going into the planting season.  What do we plant?  If the market place does not respond to spring pressures of more acres of a certain crop than one option could be the lowering of input costs.  A speaker I heard recently talked about cutting all input costs by a certain amount, for example fertilizing for 60 bushel wheat maybe fertilize for 50 bushel wheat and hope the weather is such to allow the makeup for that extra 10 bushels.  I am not sure that I believe in that but it may be something to think about as we look at the prices for most all commodities this spring season, of course much can change from now till then.

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