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January 13, 2014 Agriculture Column

I know I promised no column but I needed to get this done.



I promised that I would NOT have an article this time around as I was going to be out of town but could not resist to write one for you on Friday.  So, with that said, Wow what  a change of weather we are currently having.  So miserably cold, to bearable temperatures is always good with me.  It is also hard to believe that 2014 is now upon us.  It is unbelievable how fast time flies.  It will soon be Lake Region Extension Roundup (2015) again as life seems to be on a fast track and does not seem to slow down.  Speaking of Lake Region Extension Roundup, it is all but history with the days after of doing some house keeping details.  I was very pleased with the two day extravaganza, once more.  Your faithful attendance and the great presenters really do make this two day event worth going to and waiting for.  I heard so many positive comments about the educational event and the changes that we continue to make that it seems, at times, that it will be a struggle to maintain that high level of education but with the great group of Extension folks and others we will continue to maintain that high level of education needed by everyone.  This program is not about us but about keeping our farming community healthy financially.  Farmer profitability gets spread around all of our communities and that is what we want to continue.  We have many areas encouraging strong growth in our communities, it is still about agriculture. 

 I would really like to thank all of our sponsors that so graciously support Lake Region Extension Roundup.  Without your help we could not have the out of area presenters that we had and all of the lunch and breaks that we provide.  I could start naming our sponsors but if I did that I would forget someone and that would not be good. But, what I can tell you is that if you are in a business, in our community thank them for their support and you will likely not go wrong.  But the most important part of Roundup is you the producer.  We all thank you for attending and hope that you have a very prosperous year with a little of the info that we provided.  Without you we could not continue to provide the event that we do.  THANKS.

Lastly, I need to publically thank a couple of people for all they do and put up with during this time of not only the two days but also the days leading up to the event.  The first is my wife, Deb, as I do take some frustrations out on her (she still puts up with me, I am so lucky) and secondly is Cindy Olson.  Cindy is the axle that makes this whole deal click.  She does the little things that go unnoticed and keeps all of these hungry people fed.  You cannot believe how much food we go through during the two days of activities.  Not only breakfasts and dinners but also breaks with many different goodies.  THANKS  DEB AND CINDY.  And lastly, for the not wanting to forget anyone I would also like to thank all of my colleagues for their effort.  They are the ones that make this thing click on the floor.  THANKS TO all of you.  


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