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February 10, 2014 Agriculture Column


The weather appears for a nice change for us for the weekend and especially next weekend.  The weather man talked of 29 degrees, come Sunday. He! Ha! hopefully.  Warmer weather would be especially nice for the shepherd or  cattleman, whom are starting to lamb or calf. 

This past weekend was another great weekend of watching the Olympics; if that is something you are interested in.  I am very into the Olympics, as it marvels me how talented these people are.  Close your eyes sometime and think about those snowboard people are in the air and doing the twists and turns and then land most of the time without injury.  There are times not so fortunate but all in all the ability to do the things they do is amazing.   Then we switch gears into skating and how those young ladies and men can jump into mid air, do a twist or three and land on a little narrow piece of blade.  All in all, I would say “amazing” and look forward to the rest of the Olympics.  I remember the last and was so disappointed that it was all over and had to wait another four years for more.

Ramsey County Crop Improvement Annual meeting

This is a reminder of the annual Ramsey County Crop Improvement annual meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, February 13th at the K.C. Hall.  Supper to begin at 6 with Leon Osborne speaking at 6:45 and then switching gears into the annual meeting.  The meeting has a few general items to include the Commodity Elections and election of directors whose terms have expired.  Look forward to seeing you at the K.C Hall on Thursday.

Weed Control, insecticide and Fungicide guides!!!

The famous weed control guides are here, in our office.  This is a great resource for all of your spraying needs.  They are generally here during Lake Region Extension Roundup but got delayed for a short period of time but have finally arrived.

Be checking your grain!!

With colder temperatures checking your grain has been on the back burners of many but now that warmer temperatures are coming be sure to check your bins.  Insects like warmer temperatures.  When checking your bins, please make sure to have someone with you in case you get in a pinch and need help.  Have you ever fallen off of a grain bin? The first thing that happens is “it hurts or can be deadly”  the second thing is that generally you never tell anyone where or what you are doing so no one really knows where to start looking.  I can remember a producer checking a bin, using a ladder, and when he got to the top his ladder blew down.  Now what to do.  He was in the middle of country and with on one within miles of him he decided to use his clothing as a rope and did just that.  He tied his pants to a coat and along with a belt and his shirt was able to scaffle down the side of the bin to within about 6-8 feet, at which point he then jumped.  Can you imagine hitting the ground with no pants and 0 degrees?  Does not seem like much fun.  So the moral of the story is: “make sure to always let someone know where are you and how long you expect to be away. 

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