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December 16, 2013 Agriculture Column


Another inches of snow!!!!   At the present pace of an inch or two nearly every day will accumulate to another 90 plus inches by the first of April.  I can quite anytime.  The weather on Monday was absolutely beautiful  with the exception of the wind but then I guess North Dakota is what we expect.  Friday and Sunday, respectively, was my Mothers and mother-in-law’s birthdays.  I wished them both a happy birthday and will do so again here, so happy birthday mom and mother-in-law.  It seems as we get another year older it becomes much easier to talk about the “old” days.  This was not exception.  I asked Ralph, a good friend of both birthday girls, of what we would expect of price variation of farm equipment 50 years ago to today and all he did was shake his head.  Ralph used to be the “go to” parts guy at John Deere.  The conversation led to a new combine being bought for $5000 to today’s combine of hundreds of thousands.  I also asked my bother-in-law to look up some old cropping input costs from fifty years ago to today and report back sometime.  My how things have changed.  The other thing we did talk about was cell phones.  In the “old” days we did not have to worry about texting or someone calling while we were driving down the road compared to today’s society of having a phone with them no matter where they go.  I asked the question “can’t we live without them for an hour or two?

As I look back over the past year we have many things to be thankful for to include: 

  • Most importantly family and in my case Deb, Christine, Jason and Thomas; however when the grandkids came along it made the meaning of family, to me, even more exciting as we watch them grow over time.
  • The blessing of an excellent crop despite the miserably growing season we had.
  • The blessing of being able to provide educational help to the communities of Ramsey County
  • “AND” the blessing of all of you and everything you do for our communities.  Each individual community of the county is unique and is a great thing that all of you have.
  • There will not be an article next week as I will be on vacation.  I will be around so if you need something from me I can be reached on my cell phone, hahahahaha, we talked about that earlier.  Call the Extension office (701-662-7027) and they will give you my number.  Also be reminded to have a very merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.  Merry Christmas to all of you from our office.

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