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October 22, 2012 Agriculture Column


Does this weather mean the abnormally dry summer is over?  It is not surprising how weather can change the mind set in a matter of a rain.  I had worked some soybean ground before the rains and actually did disk up very nice but now that some rain has arrived the ground has really turned mellow and works very nice.   Hopefully, moisture conditions stay good for us but  like always in moderation.  IT IS REALLY NICE TO SEE THE LAKE LEVELS DROPPING and as of Monday morning the lake level was at 11451.41.  The high was reached in 6/27/2011with a level of 1454.4.  Three foot drop in little over a year isn’t bad.

Saline tiling meeting!!!  There is a saline tiling meeting scheduled for October 31rst, at the saline tiling demonstration site 3.5 miles west of Edmore.  Soil scientist’s from the Langdon Research Center and from the Carrington Research Center will be present to discuss issues of saline areas and will discuss what has been learned to this point (from the site and from the cover crop trial, that was implemented this summer).  This will be the third cropping year for this site.  Discussion will also address the use of straw or manure to increase the organic matter in the soil profile.  The meeting will begin at 10 am with a light dinner to follow.  Bring your questions for the ones that know.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Ranchers’ Night Out This will be a repeat of last week but need to make sure we have a chance to read.  We are getting to that time of year for the cow herd to come home for the winter feeding season.  With that being said we have planned a ranchers night out to discuss some issues that could arise during this feeding winter.  On the agenda is discussion on feeding the cow for an the next breeding season.  Winters can be very difficult on the cow and keeping the body score up will definitely increase the likely hood of an in season breeding cycle.  Another topic than becomes how do we use a balanced ration to maintain that body score.  We will have feedstuffs, from a local ranch, to demonstrate how to determine the proper ration using the feedstuffs the producer has available to them.  We will also have those feedstuffs available for you to look at.  I know some of you might say “who cares” but I would argue that have you done a feed analysis on any feedstuffs lately.  Feeding this low quality CRP can/will get you.  On the other side of the coin we do have a few producers in the northern area of North Dakota with limited feed stuffs and have a short session on limit feeding by using available feed by-products.  Lastly we have a very discussion on nitrate poisoning.  Due to the dry conditions this summer nitrate poisoning could be an issue with some of our feedstuffs.  So, with this all being said a Ranchers Night Out is planned for November 14-15.  There will be three sessions: one will be held in Rolette County (Nov. 14th) , one in Walsh County (morning of Nov. 15th) and Devils Lake will be held at the Lake Region Sale barn (the evening of November 15th).  Supper (Rocky Mountain oysters and chili) will begin at 5 pm with meeting to start at 6 pm.  We will have you on the road by 7:30.  Look forward to seeing you on the 15th.

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