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March 19, 2012 Agriculture Column

Howdy!!!  Wow, Wow Wow and more Wow.  What weather, to come to work on Monday morning and have temperatures in the upper 50’s and some areas in the lower60’s, is unbelievable.  We have been taking pop bets on how long it will be before someone is in the field. My guess is the end of this week barring no rain, which they are predicting a small chance tonight.  This is Monday as I write this.  This weather does however create a concern for me and should for all of you with stored grain.  I do hope that all of you are keeping an eye on any stored grains as mold can start quickly and also can the insect infestation.  I would encourage you to check your stored grains and make sure someone either knows what you are doing or even take someone with you.  There have been too many close calls the past few years.  I can remember, many years ago, a neighbor was checking bins and his ladder blew down.  This was at a bin site several miles from home and had not old anyone of his actions.  The weather, in this case, was quite cold and only options he could come up was either jump from a bin with an 18 foot eve or try to get closer to the bin door frame and jump from there.  He chose to undress and use his pants and coat as a rope and lowered himself to the bin door so the bottom jump was only a few feet.  In this case he did manage a bad case scenario very well however what would have happened if he was a taller bin or if he would have hurt himself on the jump.  I have mentioned this throughout all of the private pesticide trainings, let someone know what and where you are going and what time you expect to return.  This could be the difference between something good or something bad. 

With the nice weather we have been having many of you are thinking about getting equipment and even possibly getting in the field by the end of the week.  Remember CROP INSURANCE DATES ARE APRIL 1 FOR WHEAT AND BARLEY.  If it does not rain it might be tempting to get an early start.  I checked on bare ground temperatures at the Crary NDawn, Sunday, and the reading was 48 degrees, however turf was only 36 degrees.


 The weed ratings for grass weed control from Huskie (bottom of page 118) and Huskie Complete (top of page 120) need to be switched.  Huskie has no grass activity so listings should show “N” (none) for all grasses listed. Huskie Complete contains the new herbicide active ingredient thiencarbazone which is very effective on foxtail and wild oat.  Reference to thiencarbazone in the New Products section on page 134 incorrectly shows thiensulfuron instead of the correct name of thiencarbazone.  The weed rating corrections have been made in the e-version of the weed guide on the web:  www.ndsu.edu/weeds


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