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July 2, 2012 Agriculture Column


Wow the weather is going to be warm this week, almost to the point of a cooker.  I have seen a field of barley that is showing colors of turning and with the warm weather and dry conditions I suspect we will see more of that in the next couple of weeks.  We can be expecting an early harvest due to the planting timing this spring.  I checked on the growing degree days this morning for corn and found 768 GDD’s using May 1 as the start day.  This number puts us 69 units ahead of normal. I did find corn that is waist high yesterday.

The feed list is again available for those of you that will likely be short of hay.  For further information please call our office at 701-662-7030.  I can fill you in on how to hopefully locate some feed sources; however the sources will likely be limited as I have been hearing of quantity being half or less in most areas.

Management Tools for White Mold in Canola

As canola enters bloom it becomes susceptible to white mold.   Growers may be considering applying a fungicide to help manage the disease.  However, the decision to apply a fungicide is not necessarily an easy one.  Two management tools that can aid in decision making are the canola risk map and the canola disease scouting and risk assessment card.   Both tools will help assess risk of infection and aid in decision making.  The risk map is supported by the Northern Canola Growers Association and assesses the risk that a crop in bloom may face to infection.  The risk assessment card is supported by the Canola Council of Canada and helps you determine the level of risk your crop is to sclerotinia by taking into numerous factors, including rainfall, crop history, disease history, and the weather forecast.  Both tools are useful in determining risk.

The risk map is available at


The risk assessment card is available as a free download at



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