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Transition Issues in Early Childhood Settings in North Dakota

Transition issues and processes are important to consider for the well-being of young children and their families between birth and five years of age. This report reviews findings from research in North Dakota on transition issues in early childhood settings, challenges and resources across the state.

Potato Tuber Second Growth

The term secondary growth is often described as heat sprouts, tuber chaining and tuber malformations. This physiological disorder decreases yield and quality of all potato tubers. Good management and varietal selection can minimize this.

Youth Mental Health: How Adults Can Prevent, Recognize and Intervene with Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are prevalent among today's youth. However, an increasing number of disorders are left unnoticed or untreated. Many adults are unaware of the growing numbers, warning signs, and risk factors associated with youth mental disorders. It is important for caring adults to know how to recognize these warning signs in order to intervene effectively and promote positive mental health for youth in our schools and communities.

2020 North Dakota Beef and Sheep Report

The North Dakota Beef and Sheep Report is an annual publication of research reports from across the NDSU system on beef or sheep related research. This year we also will highlight a few Extension programs in short reports as well.

The Art of Grandparenting No. 7: Grandparenting at a Distance

Grandparenting at a distance is more common in today's era. If separated by distance, grandparents may have concerns about missing important milestones or losing touch with grandkids. This bulletin shares strategies for using communication tools and other resources to stay connected with grandchildren at a distance.

Effectiveness of Using Low Rates of Plant Nutrients

This is a much delayed update to the original, which was a North Central Regional Publication 341, but the national AES doesn't support publications anymore, so this will be an NDSU publication. It includes use of low rates of planting time fertilizer with or near the seed, use of foliar fertilizers and approximate elemental composition of many regional crops.

Meet the Threatened Rare and Endangered Insect Pollinators of North Dakota

This publication describes the major factors of why are some pollinators in decline, such as habitat loss and pesticides. Four pollinators that are poorly known are discussed including the rusty patched bumble bee, the yellow-banded bumble bee, the poweshiek skipperling and the Dakota skipper. Tips are provided on how to protect these threatened, rare or endangered pollinators.

Steps to Healthy, Economical Meals

We chose the recipes in this cookbook because they are tasty, nutritious, economical and easy to prepare. We hope some become your family favorites!

Stop Germs in Their Tracks With Proper Hand-washing

Did you know that proper hand washing is the single most important way to help prevent the spread of illness? Clean your hands thoroughly to help prevent germs from spreading from person to person and throughout a community.

Understanding Our Self-talk

Learn about self-talk and why it's critical to understand. Examples of negative and positive self-talk are shared. Information about how negative and positive self-talk affects us is shared.

Evaluation of Soils for Suitability for Tile Drainage Performance

The presence of salts and high water tables in North Dakota soils due to an extended climactic wet cycle recently has stimulated interest in the installation of tile drainage systems. The tile controls the water table and encourages the leaching and removal of salts from the soil above the tile lines. This improves soil productivity, culminating in improved crop yields

Kids and Money: Online Safety

Part of a financial newsletter for kids and parents, this issue is about keeping personal information safe online.

Let's Enjoy Zucchini!

Zucchini is a type of summer squash that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you make it sweet, spicy or savory, it provides a nourishing amount of vitamins A, C and K, plus potassium and other minerals. This handout provides tips and recipes for preparing and preserving zucchini.

Let's Enjoy Corn!

Corn, or maize, has been consumed for thousands of years. This handout provides tips and recipes for preparing and preserving corn.

Let's Enjoy Winter Squash!

Winter squash is a nutrient-rich food and an excellent source of fiber. This handout provides tips and recipes for preparing and preserving winter squash.

North Dakota Weed Control Guide

The information in this guide provides a summary of herbicide uses in crops grown in North Dakota and is based on federal and state herbicide labels, research at ND Ag. Experiment Stations, and information from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

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