Family Resource Management

Inventory of Important Papers

Inventory of Important Papers - FE446

Keeping family records in a businesslike manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration. This inventory will help families gather important records for safe keeping and quick access when those records are needed.

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When Prices Rise: Living on Your Income - FE1377

Surviving a financial crisis will take work and planning, but it can be done and you even may come out stronger when the crisis is over. This publication can help you to make an action plan.

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What To Do When Your Income Drops - FE274

An abrupt reduction in family income can be a traumatic experience, both psychologically and financially. But you have ways you and your family can minimize the hardship.

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Family Records

Family Records: What to Keep Where and For How Long - FE445

Families are like small business with important records about each family member and the business the family does over time. Keeping family records in an organized manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration.

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Communicating About Money and Money Issues - FS592

Learn ways to improve communication and get started talking about important money issues to prevent negative consequences that can result when money is not discussed.

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Health Insurance Costs

5 Keys to Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs - FS1814

Health insurance plans can be complex and intimidating. Understanding the basics of how a health insurance plan works and learning the terms used can be beneficial. We then ask better questions, make better insurance decisions and get the most from our health insurance plan. This publication will take you through five keys to gain a better understanding of your health insurance costs.

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Replacing Your Important Papers

Replacing Your Important Papers - FE1748

When your important papers are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you may be able to replace them. This publication lists the agencies, websites and procedures that can help you replace those important papers.

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