Farmstead Energy Audit - AE1366
The purpose of this publication is to give tips on ways to reduce costs for your operation. By reducing the amount of energy you consume, you not only will be saving money, but also reducing possible pollution and reducing the consumption of nonrenewable resources.
Insulating to Reduce Heating Costs - AE1368
In North Dakota, about 50 percent of energy used in homes is for heating and air conditioning. Properly insulating your home not only saves money, but also makes the home more comfortable.
Infrared Thermometer Home Energy Assessment Questionnaire - AE1373-A
A detailed procedure for determining insulation levels and R-values is described in NDSU Extension Service publication AE1373, "Determining Insulation and Air Infiltration Levels Using an Infrared Thermometer." Use this questionnaire along with an infrared thermometer to identify areas that might need attention.
Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers For Healthier Energy-efficient Homes - AE1393
To reduce heating and cooling cost, builders have used better construction techniques and materials to greatly reduce air leaks into and out of a home. This publication describes reasons to use air-to-air-heat exchangers, technology of exchangers, the cost advantages of installing them and some tips on choosing a heat exchanger that is right for your home.
Top Ten Home Energy Checklist - AE1442
Financially, every appliance that is not running efficiently or window that has air leaks is costing you money. The level of savings that can be realized depends on each individual situation, but savings can be significant.
Ground-source Heat Pumps - AE1483
A heat pump can be an efficient alternative to a standard home heating system. Moreover, during the cooling season, its function can be reversed, and it becomes an air conditioner. Heating and cooling buildings using ground-source heat pump systems (also known as geothermal heat pumps) are becoming more and more popular.
Preparing RVs for Winter Living - AE1510
Spending the winter in an RV is not something to dread, especially if the owner takes the steps in this publication to make it more comfortable.
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