Who Needs a Healthy Breakfast? Everybody Does! (FN728, Revised Nov. 2017)

Eat Smart! Start your day off with breakfast. This publication makes learning fun with fill in the blank and word find quizzes.

Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., R.D., L.R.D. Food and Nutrition Specialist

NDSU students from English 275 Introduction to Writing Studies (2007):Kylie Pulczinski, Frannie Nelson, Evan Kolstoe

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MyPlate helps you choose what kinds of foods and how much to eat throughout the day.

Breakfast gives you energy

- For the big game at recess, so you can play hard!

- For the math quiz, so you can think smart!

Eat Smart! Start your day off with breakfast.

Your breakfast should have foods from at least three food groups.

These are the food groups and some choices of foods.

-Grains Group (cereal, toast)

-Vegetable Group (carrots, celery)

-Fruit Group (banana, orange juice)

-Dairy Group (cheese, yogurt)

-Protein Foods Group (eggs, peanut butter)

Eating foods from every food group keeps you healthy and strong!

To fill in the blanks, first read the clues. Then go to and click on “Food Groups” to
find the answers. To print your own healthy eating plan, click on “Get a Personalized Plan” and fill in the information boxes.

 Orange is the _______________ Group; it gives you energy! These foods are often brown and baked in an oven.

Green is the _______________ Group; it gives you vitamins and minerals. These foods can be green, white, orange or other colors.

Red is the _______________ Group; these foods can be all the colors of the rainbow. Some of them are sweet, but watch out, some are sour!

Blue is the _______________ Group; it helps build strong bones and teeth.

Purple is the _____________________ Group; it helps build strong muscles. Some of this food comes from animals and some comes from plants.

 Word Bank











Answers: Orange is the Grains; Green is the Vegetables; Red is the Fruit; Blue is the Dairy and Purple is the Protein Foods.

Fill in the blanks from the word bank:

_ _ L _ _ _ _ _ breakfasts have food from at least three food groups.

Eating _ _ _ _K _ _ _ _ helps start your day off right!

Breakfast gives you _ _ _ _ G _.

Eat smart play H _ _ _!

A balanced breakfast is a _ _ _ _ _ _ Y breakfast.

Drinking _ I _ _ gives you strong bones.

The grain group is the color _ _ _ N _ _.

_ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ is a good source of protein for breakfast.

_ _ _ _ A _ _ helps us choose healthy meals to eat.

Eating healthy is a _ _ _ _ T choice!

Answers: Balanced; Breakfast; Energy; Hard; Healthy; Milk; Orange; Peanut Butter; Myplate and Smart.

Reviewed November 2017

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