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Hard Red Spring Wheat

North Dakota Hard Red Spring Wheat and Variety Trial Results for 2016 and Selection Guide - A574-16

This publication summarizes data from variety trials conducted in the main research centers in North Dakota.

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Using Flax in Beef and Dairy Cattle Diets

Using Flax in Beef and Dairy Cattle Diets - AS1283

This publication provides information regarding the nutritive and feeding value of flax, examines the literature on the implications of using flax in livestock diets and offers recommendations on future research needs.

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Leaf-feeding Weevil

Leaf-feeding Weevil in Sugar Beets - E1273

A leaf-feeding weevil, Tanymecus confusus, first was observed feeding on sugar beets in the southern portion of the Red River Valley (Richland County, N.D., and Wilkin County, Minn.) in 1975. The weevil has since caused problems for growers in southern Minnesota (Big Stone, Chippewa, Lac Qui Parle and Swift counties) in 1992 and 1997, and again in Richland County of North Dakota in 2004. A related species, Tanymecus palliatus , is an occasional pest of sugar beets in Europe. Feeding injury by adult Tanymecus confusus typically occurs in small areas within sugar beet fields. Damage is occasionally severe enough to require replanting.

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Potato Production Problems (A1817)

This has been designed for a clipboard to help with potato diagnostics program.

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Potato Diagnostics Clipboard

Potato Diagnostics Clipboard - A1817

This is a quick identification help guide for potato problems.

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ND Hard Winter Wheat

North Dakota Hard Winter Wheat Variety Trial Results for 2016 and Selection Guide - A1196

During the 2015-16 growing season, 140,000 acres of winter wheat were planted and 130,000 acres were harvested. The state’s winter wheat yield this season was estimated at 54 bushels per acre (bu/a), which is up significantly from last year’s yield of 51 bu/a. Generally, conditions were favorable for winter wheat development and yield. Diseases were not as damaging as in past years in most regions of the state.

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Corn Residue in Beef Cattle Diets

Utilizing Corn Residue in Beef Cattle Diets - AS1548

Corn residue is a useful feedstuff for beef cattle. Producers should consider incorporating these fee resources into their grazing and feeding programs to reduce the cost of production.

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Noxious and Troublesome Weeds

A Guide to North Dakota Noxious and Troublesome Weeds - W1691

This guide was made with collaboration of the author with the North Dakota State University Extension Service and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, with funding from the U.S. Forest Service. This publication is designed to help land managers identify the state- or county-listed noxious weeds. Other species included are those with the most potential to spread within the state or into North Dakota from bordering states.

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Soil Testing Unproductive Areas

Soil Testing Unproductive Areas - SF1809

This publication is intended to provide information on how to sample and analyze area that are affected by soil salinity and sodicity. It explains how to take soil samples representing the affected areas, what kind of tests are needed to assess salt and sodium levels and how to interpret the results.

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Pea Disease Diagnostic Series

Pea Disease Diagnostic Series - PP1790

This publication is an aid in disease identification.

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Fungal Leaf Spot Diseases of Wheat

Fungal Leaf Spot Diseases of Wheat: Tan Spot, Stagonospora nodorum bloch and septoria tritici blotch - PP1249

This publication provides information for the identification and management of the common fungal leaf spot diseases found in wheat in North Dakota

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Field Pea Production

Field Pea Production - A1166

The North Dakota Field Pea Production guide is intended to provide growers field pea production information including variety selection principles, field selection, seeding rate, seed treatments, inoculation, fertilization, weed control, diseases, insect pests, harvest and storage and markets.

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Bringing Land in CRP into Crop Production or Grazing

Bringing Land in the Conservation Reserve Program Back Into Crop Production or Grazing - A1364

This publication provides guidelines for farmers wishing to convert CRP into crop production.

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2015 Dry Bean Survey

2015 Dry Bean Grower Survey of Production, Pest Problems and Pesticide Use in MN and ND - E1802

The 2015 dry bean grower survey is the 26th annual survey of varieties grown, pest problems, pesticide use and grower practices of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, an association of dry edible bean growers in Minnesota and North Dakota.

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Bertha Armyworm in Canola

Bertha Armyworm in Canola - E1347

This publication summarizes Integrated Pest Management of bertha armyworm including identification, life cycle, crop damage, pheromone trapping, field scouting, economic threshold, cultural methods, biological control and chemical control.

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Wheat Midge in ND

Integrated Pest Management of the Wheat Midge in North Dakota - E1330

This publication summarizes Integrated Pest Management of wheat midge including identification, life cycle, crop damage, pheromone trapping, degree day modeling, field scouting, economic threshold, cultural methods biological control and chemical control.

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Square Foot Gardening

The Facts of Square Foot Gardening - H1597

Square foot gardening is a method of intensive gardening. This publications lists the advantages and "how to" tips to this practice that is gaining popularity.

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Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus

Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus (PSbMV) in Field Peas and Lentils - PP1704

Pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV) is an economically damaging viral pathogen of field peas and lentils that can cause significant losses in seed yield and quality, especially when infections occur before or during bloom. It has been observed on field peas and lentils in North Dakota and on field peas in Montana. PSbMV is distributed worldwide, and it presumably was introduced to North Dakota and Montana on seed imported from other regions.

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Wheat Stem Sawfly

Integrated Pest Management of Wheat Stem Sawfly - E1479

This publication summarizes Integrated Pest Management of wheat stem sawfly including identification, life cycle. crop damage, pest monitoring, cultural control, host plant resistance, biological control and chemical control.

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Fertilizing Sunflower

Fertilizing Sunflower - SF713

This revision is the results of 48 field trials from 2012-2015 studying the yield and oil response of sunflower to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. The new recommendations include no phosphorus needed for sunflower and nitrogen rate based on region, tillage, soil test nitrate with a cap due to excessive lodging potential at high nitrogen rates.

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