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Publication North Dakota Fertilizer Recommendation Tables and Equations
Most of the nutrient recommendations for North Dakota crops were revised this year. For these crops and for minor crops that do not have a specific nutrient circular, this publication summarizes 27 crops or crop categories.
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Publication What is Soil Acidity?
Low pH or soil acidity affects nutrient availability, microbial activity as well as plant growth. This publication covers a definition of soil acidity, causes of soil acidity, effect on soil nutrients and crops, and how to identify this issue.
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Publication Soil Fertility Recommendations for Corn
These recommendations are updated to include new potassium recommendations based on recent research.
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Publication PS document Incorporating Cover Crops
Science-based information and farmers use of cover crops in North Dakota are presented in this short booklet. The goal is to provide both a starting point for farmer use of cover crops and also tips to fine tune cover crops to achieve on-farm goals.
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Publication Soil Organic Matter Does Matter
This publication talks about soil organic matter and its classifications and benefits. It also describes how to build organic matter and how it is destroyed.
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Publication chemical/x-pdb Site-specific Farming: Economics and the Environment
Site-specific farming technologies can result in economic gain for farmers if used correctly, and can also decrease impact from the environment from off-sight movement of fertilizers to groundwater and surface waters.
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Publication Soil, Water and Plant Characteristics Important to Irrigation
This publication will improve the ability to understand fundamental irrigation water management parameters.
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Publication Octet Stream Sodicity and Remediation of Sodic Soils in North Dakota
This publication defines sodicity and explains the effects it can have on crop production. There is information on the remediation of sodic soils, brine spills, and the importance of calcium amendment mixing.
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Publication C header Building Soil Health
Science-based information and farmer use of soil health building strategies are presented in this short booklet. the goal is to provide both a starting point for farmer incorporation of practices on-farm and also tips to fine tune on-farm goals.
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Publication Compatibility of North Dakota Soils for Irrigation
This publication is intended as a first step to help current and prospective irrigators understand the principles behind the irrigability of soils in North Dakota. This publication lists all the soils in the state with relevant properties and categorizes them as irrigable, conditional or nonirrigable.
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