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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Fish from Stream to Table

A Pocket Guide to Care and Handling of Fish from Stream to Table - FN535

Proper handling of fish from the time you catch them until you get them to the table will help maintain optimum eating quality. Keep the following fish handling tips in mind.

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The Art and Practice of Sausage Making

The Art and Practice of Sausage Making - FN176

Sausage is a convenient food available in a great number of varieties and flavors. Sausages are an excellent source of high quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids in appropriate amounts necessary for growth, maintenance and repair of body tissue. Sausage also provides significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

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Freezing Dairy Products, Eggs and Other Foods

Food Freezing Basics: Freezing Dairy Products, Eggs and Other Foods - FN616

This publication provides basic instructions for freezing dairy products, eggs along with, extra hints for additional foods.

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Freezing Poutry and Fish

Food Freezing Basics: Freezing Poultry and Fish - FN615

This publication guides you through proper techniques for freezing, thawing and preparing poultry and fish.

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Food Freezing Basics: Methods of Wrapping

Food Freezing Basics: Methods of Wrapping - FN613

Proper packaging helps keep food from drying out preserves nutritive value, flavor, texture and color.

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