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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Grass Varieties For North Dakota

Grass Varieties For North Dakota - R794

This publication is designed to assist North Dakota producers and land managers in selecting perennial grass species and varieties for rangeland and pasture seeding and conservation planting. Each species is described following a list of recommended varieties (releases). Variety origin and the date released are included for additional reference.

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Inclusion of Pea Chips in Diets Fed to Swine

Inclusion of Pea Chips in Diets Fed to Swine - AS1571

Pea “chips” are a byproduct of the pea-processing industry that have been utilized in livestock rations. When peas are processed for production of split peas, a certain portion are crushed, which results in pea chips. Pea chips are a good alternative feed source due to their considerable amount of crude protein. That makes them a good replacement for soybean meal, which is the highest-priced ingredient in swine rations. Several experiments investigating the effects of the inclusion of pea chips in diets fed to swine have been conducted. The results of the various experiments indicate that pigs tolerate pea chips and the inclusion of pea chips in a diet has minimal negative effect on performance, carcass quality and the palatability of pork.

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By-Products and Regionaly Available Alternative Feedstuffs for Dairy Cattle

By-Products and Regionally Available Alternative Feedstuffs for Dairy Cattle - AS1180

Feed costs, the single largest expense in animal production, may be reduced by including locally and regionally grown crops and by-products into animal diets, especially for ruminants. Numerous by-products are produced in our region, but usage is sometimes limited due to poor understanding of their nutritional and economic value, as well as their proper use in dairy cattle rations.

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Starting a Community Orchard in North Dakota

Starting a Community Orchard in North Dakota - H1558

This publication is a guide to help North Dakotans start community orchards. We discuss the basics of establishing the orchard and selecting cultivars. We describe organizational structures, financial considerations, and highlight the activities of other orchards

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Quick Facts:Becoming the Grill Master FN-1412

Quick Facts:Becoming the Grill Master - FN1412

When done right, grilling can be one of the more healthful ways to prepare food. Preparing meats and poultry on the grill allows excess fat to drip away. Very little fat needs to be added to foods cooked on the grill.

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