Program Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting


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Natural Resource Management

Program Team

  • Team Chairs: Kevin Sedivec, Breana Kiser, and Mary Berg
  • Design and Development Team Members: Adnan Akyuz, Chris Augustin, Greg Benz, Brad Brummond, Frank Casey, John Dhuyvetter, Benjamin Geaumont, Dave Haasser, Katelyn Hain, Shelby Hewson, Karl Hoppe, Naeem Kalmar, Hans Kandel, Mike Kangas, Clair Keene, Breana Kiser, Jan Knodel, Douglas Landblom, Mark Miller, Penny Nester, John Nowatzki, Elise Regen, Blaine Schatz, Tom Scherer, Andrew Thostenson, Abbey Wick, and Joe Zeleznik.

    Interested in following the work of the Program Team?  Click here to subscribe to NDSU-NREM@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU and follow the instructions.

Team Menu
An overview of team signature programs, core programs, pilot programs and subject-matter professional development opportunities.
For a list of additional professional development opportunities, see the professional development chart.

Signature Programs
Program teams are asked to identify signature programs. A signature program is a comprehensive, team-based program that addresses a priority issue throughout the state and evaluates the program's impact on the learning, application, or effect with clientele. Criteria for signature programs include:

  • Involves collaborative effort between specialists and agents where agents have active delivery role (beyond hosting event)
  • Addresses priority issues
  • Offered in multiple locations in the state or targeted areas as appropriate (i.e., canola production areas)
  • Includes evaluation plan/tool at level 2-3-4 and provides data to produce an Impact Report posted at completion of program

Core Programs
Ongoing, established programs that may or may not have an evaluation component. These programs have already been evaluated as effective and proven their value.

Pilot Programs
List of programs currently being piloted by the team. Limited use by counties and still under development.

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