Program Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting


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Packaged Programs

Please contact the specialist listed behind each program to receive a powerpoint & one-on-one discussion.

North Dakota Sunflower Production Issues, Based on the National Sunflower Survey (Hans Kandel)

Soybean Variety Selection Pointers (Hans Kandel)

How to read a soil test (Dave Franzen)

Nitrogen recommendations for wheat (Dave Franzen)

New Corn Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn (Dave Franzen) powerpoint is available at AgInfo long-term downloads

Using Optical Sensors for Direct In-Season N in Corn (Dave Franzen) slides are at the end of corn fertility powerpoint at AgInfo long-term downloads

Spring Management Practices for Winter Wheat (Joel Ransom)

Small Grain Variety Update (Joel Ransom)

Grain Storage and Drying (Ken Hellevang)

Spring Grain Drying (Ken Hellevang)

IPM of Sunflower Insect Pests (Jan Knodel)

IPM of Soybean Insect Pests (Jan Knodel)

IPM of Wheat Insect Pests (Jan Knodel)

IPM of Corn Insect Pests (Jan Knodel)

IPM of Canola Insect Pests (Jan Knodel)

Soybean Aphids (Jan Knodel)

Wheat Midge (Jan Knodel)

IPM Basics (Jan Knodel)

Factors for Effectively Establishing Soybean (Greg Endres)

European corn borer, scouting and management (Venkata Chapara)

Differences between soil salinity and sodicity (Naeem Kalwar)

Management of groundwater (Naeem Kalwar)

Crop selection for saline soils (Naeem Kalwar)

Management of soybean cyst nematodes (Sam Markell)

Identification and management of sunflower diseases (Sam Markell)

Identification and management of dry bean diseases (Sam Markell)

Identification and management of canola diseases (Sam Markell)

2015 Herbicide Update  (Rich Zollinger)

Management of Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) in Small Grains (Andrew Friskop)

Identification and Management of Goss’s Leaf Blight and Wilt (Andrew Friskop)

Equipment Options for In-season Fertilization (John Nowatzki)

Spray Drift-reducing Strategies (John Nowatzki)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Field Crop Management (John Nowatzki)

In-field Crop Sensors (John Nowatzki)

Apps for Agriculture (John Nowatzki)

History of Harvesting-Tillage-Planting in ND (John Nowatzki)

The Basics of Clubroot in Canola (Lesley Lubenow)

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