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Tweeting Fall Conference
Resources for getting started on Twitter and tweeting from the 2012 NDSU Extension/REC Fall Conference.
Tips for Video Scriptwriting
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Navigation Portlet in the Ag CMS
Up to Speed with Excel 2007
Video demo of common functions in Excel 2007, text version included.
Powerpoint 2007 Tutorial
Slideshow tutorial on Powerpoint 2007 from Florida Gulf Coast University.
Securing Your E-mail
Document from NDSU ITS explaining how to secure your e-mail in various clients.
How to Use Internet Explorer 7
Video series from on using Internet Explorer 7.
Adding Content to the Professional Development Site
From Sharing to Finding: Boolean Searches with Boolify
You can make your internet search results more accurate by using Boolean logic in your searches.This screencast shows you how to create a visual Boolean search using
From Searching to Finding: Google Wonder Wheel
Have you ever done an internet search when you have only a general idea what you are searching for? Google Wonder Wheel is a great visual tool that can help you drill-down to find the information you are seeking. Here's a short tutorial on using Wonder Wheel.
From Searching to Finding: Wolfram Alpha
This is technically not a search-related tool, but it is incredibly useful. The folks at Wolfram Alpha call it a "computational knowledge engine." This short screencast highlights a few of the really cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha.
Using an online Content Schedule to Post to a Facebook Page
A look at how we created an Online Content Schedule in Google Drive to share content and resources for multiple Facebook pages to use for their posts.
'Project Implicit,' (Harvard) - Cultural Compentency online quizzes and self-testing
Description on site: "Here you will have the opportunity to assess your conscious and unconscious preferences for over 90 different topics ranging from pets to political issues, ethnic groups to sports teams, and entertainers to styles of music." This site contains 1) the demo for the Implicit Association Test; learn more about implicit associations and try out some sample tasks. Or, go directly to the featured task: 'Professions IAT.' 2) the research site for Project Implicit; participate in on-going research measuring implicit associations for a variety of topics.
Cultural Competency resource: "Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts" Video
A video and materials to aid in training/learning how to speak up - communications and strategies to combat stereotypes.
Cultural Competency resource: The Teaching Tolerance website
Professional development info, teaching kits, classroom materials, and various resources for teaching about tolerance.
Cultural Competency resource: "I Celebrate Diversity" website
This site contains items to purchase; also has links to lesson plans to use with youth, college students, and more.
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Use the Calendar Portlet to display your events
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Slideshow Portlet in the Ag CMS
How Do I Add a New Page?
Adding a new page is a fairly common task in Ag CMS. Follow these steps to get content (text/images) up on your website.

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