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Food Science Courses

Plant Sciences Courses (Crop and Weed Sciences and Horticulture)

PLSC 110 World Food Crops (F, S)

PLSC 111 Genetics and You (F)

PLSC 150 Introduction to Horticulture Therapy (S/E)

PLSC 177 Floral Design I (S)

PLSC 180 Plant Systems Approach to Global Foods (S)

PLSC 189 Skills for Success (F/2)

PLSC 200 Career Preparation in Plant Sciences (S/O)

PLSC 210 Horticulture Science (F)

PLSC 211 Horticulture Science Lab (F)

PLSC 215 Weed Identification (F)

PLSC 219 Introduction to Prairie and Community Forestry (F/O)

PLSC 225 Principles of Crop Production (S)

PLSC 296 Field Experience (Horticulture) (SS+F)*

PLSC 296 Field Experience (SUTM) (SS+F)*

PLSC 307 History and Evolution of Wine in America (F)

PLSC 312 Expanding the Boundaries of Learning with Service (S)

PLSC 315 Genetics (F, S)

PLSC 315L Genetics Lab (F, S)

PLSC 320 Principles of Forage Production (F)

PLSC 323 Principles of Weed Science (S)

PLSC 335 Seed Technology and Production (S/2)

PLSC 340 Grain Grading (S/2)

PLSC 341 Landscape Bidding, Contracting and Operations (S)

PLSC 350 Sugarbeet Production (F/2)

PLSC 355 Woody Landscape Plants (F)

PLSC 365 Herbaceous Landscape Plants (F/O/2)

PLSC 368 Plant Propagation (S)

PLSC 370 Landscape Management (F/O)

PLSC 375 Turfgrass Management (F/E)

PLSC 375L Turfgrass Management Lab (F/E)

PLSC 379/779 Sustainable Agriculture & Renewable Energies in Europe (SS)*

PLSC 380 Principles of Plant Physiology (S)

PLSC 381 Sports Turf Operations (F)

PLSC 386 Arboriculture Climbing and Rigging Operations (F)

PLSC 411/611 Genomics (F)

PLSC 412 Nursery Production and Management (S/O)

PLSC 415/615 Vegetable Crop Production (S/O)

PLSC 416/616 Fruit Crop Production (F/E)

PLSC 422 Greenhouse Production and Management (S/E)

PLSC 425/625 Potato Science (F/O/2)

PLSC 431/631 Intermediate Genetics (F)

PLSC 433/633 Weed Biology and Ecology (S/E)

PLSC 444 Applied Plant Breeding and Research Methods (F)

PLSC 453/653 Advanced Weed Science (F)

PLSC 455/655 Cropping Systems: An Integrated Approach (S)

PLSC 457 Horticulture and Turfgrass Systems (Capstone) (S)

PLSC 465/665 Advanced Landscape Plants (S/E, Online)

PLSC 468 Landscape Irrigation Design (F/O)

PLSC 469 Landscape Irrigation Installation and Management (S)

PLSC 480/680 Advanced Turfgrass Topics (S/E)

PLSC 484/684 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology (F)

PLSC 485/685 Arboriculture Science (F/E)

PLSC 486/686 Applied Crop Physiology (S)

PLSC 491 Senior Seminar (F, S)

PLSC 496 Field Experience (CWS and Horticulture) (SS+F)*

PLSC 496 Field Experience (SUTM) (SS+F)*

* Courses related to Individual Study, Field Experience, Cooperative Education,
Special Topics and Study Abroad may require department permission.

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