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September Flare Sugar Maple

September Flare® Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum ‘SeptDak’ (Family: Sapindaceae)

Description: A very hardy sugar maple seedling selection exhibiting heavy textured tatter resistant foliage, consistent mid-September into early October showy red-orange fall coloration, and excellent winter hardiness in the Northern Plains to -40 °F. This selection originated from a northwest Minnesota native population seed lot and was noted for its early intense fall coloration as a two-year old seedling. Its early coloring capabilities will extend the fall color season.

Hardiness: USDA hardiness zone 3b-6

Mature Size: Height: 40-50', Spread: 30-40'

Form (Shape): Upright oval

Growth Rate: Medium

Foliage: Deciduous
Summer: Green to dark green, heavier leaf texture typical of northern prairie sources.
Autumn: Fall coloration beginning in the late second to third week of September as an orange-red tint in the upper canopy foliage, spreading to orange-red throughout the tree, and ending with radiant orange-red to red foliage coloration before leaf fall by mid-October.

Texture: Medium

Flower: Produced in drooping corymbs before the leaves emerge. Shortlived spring interest, not overly showy.

Fruit: Schizocarp (two winged samara) ripening in fall, not showy.

Light Preference: Full sun exposure

Soil Preference: Prefers a deep, well-drained, non-droughty soil, will tolerate higher pH levels than the species.

Propagation: Summer budding onto northern sugar maple rootstocks.

Ornamental Attributes: A very winter hardy selection with good crown density exhibiting excellent summer foliage quality and outstanding fall coloration of an orange-red to red color. Begins fall coloring before other trees in the landscape extend fall color season.

Landscape Attributes: Recommended for use as a landscape, public grounds, boulevard (larger), parks, schools, and golf course tree, wherever tree diversity and adaptability to northern conditions are important.

Comments: This selection is notable for its early annual display of excellent reliable fall color, which is photoperiod initiated and not frost dependent in this northern climate setting.

Availability: Pending

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