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Prairie Gem Flowering Pear

Prairie Gem® Flowering Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis ‘MorDak’ (Family: Rosaceae)

Description: Prairie Gem® has a dense rounded habit which produces a blanket of white flowers in spring before the leaves emerge. Lustrous dark green leaves turn golden yellow to orange in autumn. Hardiest of the ornamental pears including other Ussurian pear cultivars.

Hardiness: USDA hardiness zone 3-6

Mature Size: Height: 25', Spread: 20'

Form (Shape): Rounded dense crown

Growth Rate: Fast

Foliage: Foliage is a dark green during the summer months with fall color changing to a mixture of yellow and orange.

Texture: Medium

Flower: Showy, perfect, appearing before foliage emergence in spring.

Fruit: Small rounded pome. Often fruitless unless different pear pollinator is near.

Light Preference: Full sun

Soil Preference: Requires well-drained soils. It is pH adaptable and tolerant of higher pH soils but not saline soils.

Propagation: Side grafting or chip budding onto suitable rootstocks.

Insects and Diseases: Excellent resistance to fireblight.

Ornamental Attributes: Outstanding show of white flowers in the spring, one of the first trees to flower in the season. High quality dark green dense foliage present during the growing season.

Landscape Attributes: Outstanding compact tree that is utility friendly. Tolerant of urban pollution and will thrive in inner city environments.

Comments: Young trees need to be protected from rabbits and mice from browsing and girdling main trunk and stems.

Availability: Available in trade.

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