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Cinnamon Curls Dwarf Korean Birch

Cinnamon Curls® Dwarf Korean Birch

Betula costata ‘CinnDak’ (Family Betulaceae)

Description: A distinctive dwarf selection of Korean birch, which grows in a diminutive, compact, single stemmed form. Attractive creamy white exfoliating bark with cinnamon colored undersides curling in strips. Cold hardy and tolerant of higher pH soils.

Hardiness: USDA hardiness zone 4a-6, 3b with trial

Mature Size: Height: 9'  Spread: 9'

Form (Shape): Rounded compact growth habit.

Growth Rate: Slow

Foliage: Deciduous. Summer: Bright green. Autumn: Bright golden-yellow

Texture: Medium

Flower: Monoecious, male flowers are catkins formed late summer on current season growth; female flowers are spring formed on new season growth. Not ornamental.

Fruit: Strobiles which release small winged nutlets at maturity.

Light Preferences: Full sun to very light shade.

Soil Preferences: Performs best in well-drained soil and is tolerant of higher pH soils without chlorosis.

Propagation: Side graft on compatible rootstocks, tissue culture.

Insects and Diseases: Bronze birch borer is present and has not affected Cinnamon Curls® to this age (28 years) while many other species and cultivars in close proximity have been attacked and killed. No diseases noted.

Ornamental Attributes: Distinctive dwarf birch with attractive exfoliating bark noticeable in all seasons but especially during the winter months when the tree is without foliage and the trunk and branches are fully viewable.

Landscape Attributes: Recommended use in limited space landscapes such as business and home entryways, patios, and small outdoor living space areas where an attractive focal point plant is desired.

Comments: Cinnamon Curls® is adapted to conditions of greater cold and higher pH soils where the Betula nigra cultivars ‘Little King’ and Tecumseh Compact™ do not perform well or are not fully hardy.

Availability: Pending

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