Plant Sciences


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The Department of Plant Sciences performs basic and applied research to advance the field of crop, weed, horticultural, and cereal and food sciences.

Basic and applied research in the plant sciences provides new wealth, economic development, and improved quality of life in the state and the region. Research is extensive and includes small grains, beans, oilseeds, alternative crops, horticulture, forestry, turfgrass, and weed science. Research results enable producers and businesses to increase crop production and viability. We are committed to effective and timely transfer of research-generated knowledge and technology to the agricultural industry and the larger scientific and public sectors to benefit the state, the nation and the world.

Breeding Pipeline Database Management

Research in the Department of Plant Sciences

Barley Breeding Richard D. Horsley Barley Trials Barley Releases
Broadleaf Crops/Extension Hans Kandel
Canola Breeding Mukhlesur Rahman Canola Trials Canola Releases
Cereal Science
Corn Breeding breeding not currently in progress Corn Releases
Dry Bean Breeding Juan M. Osorno Dry Bean Trials Dry Bean Releases
Dry Bean Genetics
& Biotechnology
Phillip E. McClean
Durum Wheat Improvement Elias M. Elias Durum Trials Durum Releases
Durum Wheat Quality &
Pasta Processing
Frank A. Manthey
Flax Improvement Mukhlesur Rahman Flax Trials
Crambe Trials
Flax & Crambe Releases
Food Science

Food Security/
Global Institute of Food Security and International Agriculture

Kalidas Shetty
Forages & Biomass Crop Production Marisol Berti Forages Trials
Alfalfa Trials
Annual Forages Trials
Hard Spring Wheat Breeding - Red and White Andrew Green
Spring Wheat Trials HRSW Releases
HWSW Releases
Hard Winter Wheat Breeding - Red G. Francois Marais Winter Wheat Trials HRWW Releases
High Value Crop Production Harlene Hatterman-Valenti
Horticulture - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables breeding not currently in progress Horticulture Releases
Horticulture Research & Demonstration Gardens Esther McGinnis
Malting Barley Quality/
Institute of Barley & Malt Sciences
Paul Schwarz
Oat Breeding Michael S. McMullen Oat Trials Oat Releases
Oilseed Breeding breeding not currently in progress Oilseed Releases
Plant Metabolism Kalidas Shetty
Potato Agronomy/Extension Andy Robinson
Potato Breeding Asunta (Susie) L. Thompson Potato Releases
Pulse Breeding Nonoy Bandillo
Pulse Crops Releases
Small Grains/Extension Joel K. Ransom
Soybean Breeding Theodore C. Helms Soybean Trials Soybean Releases
Statistical Genomics Xuehui Li
Sunflower, Minor & New Crop Production Burton L. Johnson
Turfgrass & Landscape Alan Zuk
Turfgrass Management Deying Li
Turfgrass Physiology Qi Zhang
Vegetable & Greenhouse Crop Production Chiwon Lee
Weed Biology and Ecology Greta Gramig
Weed Control, Annual Kirk A. Howatt
Weed Control, Perennial vacant
Weed Control, Sugarbeet/Extension

Tom Peters

Weed Control/Extension Joe Ikley
Weed Genetics Michael J. Christoffers
Wheat - Rye, Triticale breeding not currently in progress Winter Rye Trials
Triticale Trials
Wheat - Rye, Triticale Releases
Wheat Genetics Xiwen Cai
Wheat Quality & Carbohydrate
Senay Simsek
Woody Plant Improvement Todd West Woody Plant Releases
Woody Plant Physiology
& Biotechnology
Wenhao Dai
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