Plant Sciences


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Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

ADJ: Adjunct - Collaborate on research with our faculty

AFF: Affiliate - Can serve on and chair committees* for graduate students and teach graduate courses

*Based on Affiliate Level

James V. Anderson, PhD 1990, Virginia Polytech Institute (ADJ, AFF)
Plant Biochemistry

James S. Beaver, PhD 1980, University of Illinois (ADJ, AFF)
Dry Bean Genetics

David D. Bonnett, PhD 1996, University of Sydney (ADJ, AFF)
Hybrid Wheat Breeding and Germplasm Development

Patrick M. Carr, PhD 1989, Montana State University (AFF)
Sustainable Agriculture

Wun S. Chao, PhD 1996, University of California-Davis (ADJ, AFF)
Perennial Weeds

Linda Dykes, PhD 2008, Texas A&M University (ADJ, AFF)
Food Science and Technology

Justin D. Faris, PhD 1999, Kansas State University (ADJ, AFF)
Wheat Molecular Genetics

Shana M. Forster, PhD 2016, North Dakota State University (AFF)
Crop Production

Jose G. Franco, Jr., PhD 2015, Texas A&M University (AFF)
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

Karen L. Fugate, PhD 1995, Ohio State University (ADJ, AFF)
Sugarbeet Physiology

Russell W. Gesch, PhD 1995, Texas A&M University (ADJ, AFF)
Physiology of Oilseed Crops

Michael Grusak, PhD 1985, University of California, Davis (AFF)
Nutrition of Crop Plants

Yong Q. Gu, PhD 1994, University of California-Riverside (ADJ)
Wheat Genetics

Darrin M. Haagenson, PhD 2001, Purdue University (ADJ)
Crop Physiology and Ecology

David P. Horvath, PhD 1993, Michigan State University (AFF)
Perennial Weed Physiology

Brent S. Hulke, PhD 2007, University of Minnesota (AFF)
Flax and Sunflower Genetics

Brian M. Jenks, PhD 1996, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (ADJ, AFF)
Integrated Weed Management

Blaine E. Johnson, PhD 1986, University of Nebraska (ADJ, AFF)
Quantitative Genetics

Edward C. Lulai, PhD 1978, North Dakota State University (ADJ)
Potato Physiology

Kevin E. McPhee, PhD 1995, University of Idaho (ADJ, AFF)
Pulse Crops

Grant Mehring, PhD 2016, North Dakota State University (AFF)
Agronomy; Wheat and Corn Research

Mohamed Mergoum, PhD 1991, Colorado State University (ADJ, AFF)
Hard Red Spring Wheat Breeding

Jae-Bom Ohm, PhD 1996, Kansas State University (ADJ, AFF)
Grain Science

Rebekah E. Oliver, PhD 2006, North Dakota State University (AFF)

Michael H. Ostlie, PhD 2012, Colorado State University (ADJ, AFF)
Weed Science

Timothy G. Porch, PhD 2001, Cornell University (AFF)
Dry Bean Breeding and Genetics

Lili Qi, PhD 1997, Nanjing Agricultural University, China (ADJ, AFF)
Wheat Genetics

Gerald J. Seiler, PhD 1980, North Dakota State University (ADJ)
Sunflower and Sugarbeet Germplasm

Tom C. Walk, PhD 2005, Pennsylvania State University (AFF)
Plant Breeding Database Manager

Jochum J. Wiersma, PhD 1995, University of Minnesota (ADJ, AFF)
Small Grains

Steven S. Xu, PhD 1994, North Dakota State University (ADJ, AFF)
Hard Red Spring Wheat Development

Shengming Yang, PhD 2008, University of Kentucky (ADJ)
Barley Genetics

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