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Codee Lee Presents M.S. Seminar

Codee Z. Lee presented his Plant Sciences M.S. thesis, Post Emergence Efficacy of Pyroxasulfone at Different Rates and Timing in Wheat, on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND.
Codee Lee Presents M.S. Seminar

Codee Z. Lee (left) with advisor Dr. Kirk Howatt

April 27, 2018

On Thursday, April 26, 2018 Codee Z. Lee presented his M.S. thesis, Post Emergence Efficacy of Pyroxasulfone at Different Rates and Timing in Wheat. The herbicide Pyroxasulfone is a very long chain fatty acid inhibitor labeled to control grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. Little information is available regarding the use of the product as a postemergence herbicide.

To begin to remedy that, Lee conducted two field experiments to evaluate the efficacy of Pyroxasulfone used postemergence. With the first study, Lee found that applying the herbicide to 2-leaf wheat controlled up to 83% of the green foxtail, but had little to no effect on broadleaves. An additional field study to determine if Pyroxasulfone could give supplemental green foxtail control when tank-mixed with ALS (acetolactate synthase) inhibitors showed inadequate control.  

Two greenhouse experiments also were conducted. The first found that wide ranges of grass species are susceptible to Pyroxasulfone applied postemergence. The second demonstrated that weed control with Pyroxasulfone is almost exclusively due to root uptake. Contradicting levels of control between field and greenhouse experiments suggests more information is needed before Pyroxasulfone can be utilized as a postemergence herbicide.

After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Crop and Weed Sciences at NDSU, Lee was excited to pursue his M.S. under the continued advisement of Dr. Kirk Howatt and his research team. He recalls the Department of Plant Sciences as having a friendly atmosphere that made research and learning more enjoyable.

During his time at NDSU, Lee was honored as a Gamma Sigma Delta inductee in 2017, was Vice President of the Plant Sciences Graduate Student Association (2015), and was a member of the NDSU Weed Olympics Team (2015).

Lee has accepted a research agronomist position at Cibus, where he is performing plot research experiments in support of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana growers.

Lee’s graduate committee consisted of Dr. Richard Zollinger, Dr. Grant Mehring, and Dr. Tom DeSutter. His advisor was Dr. Kirk Howatt.

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